Inspirational Teaching with The Rabbit King

The Rabbit King
Kingdom Leporidae

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Join the orphan hare on his journey as he is inspired to leave his old life behind and enter
the realm of royalty where he becomes King Hare, ruler of the benevolent Kingdom
Leporidae: The kingdom of hares and rabbits. In the process, Hare reaches his
goals, discovers his full potential, and makes his fairy tale come true!

Combine Adventure with Inspirational Teaching

Children and adults can enjoy the detailed and colorful illustrations through combining adventure
with inspirational teaching from the positive theme and carefully chosen rhyming text written by Jim McEnroe.

Educational Rhyming Book

Metaphors, Symbolisms, and Theme

The “emerald clusters” on pages 18 and 19 represent hope, love, reason, and wisdom:
The essence of The Kingdom Leporidae. Emeralds are also known as the
“stone of the heart” because they symbolize compassion, mercy, and universal love.

Many of the symbols of authority and rituals on Royal Rabbit Day described in the text of
Chapter Three are based on the actual coronation rituals of a European king,
including Prince Hare’s elevation to knighthood on page 21.

The “spurs of knighthood” on page 21 represent courage. Other positive character
traits of a knight include: Generosity, justice, mercy, nobility, hope, and faith.
In the code of knighthood, “faith” refers to integrity and trust.

The theme of The Rabbit King is overcoming adversity —
the state of hardship, affliction, distress, or misfortune.

Sampling of Story Text

Rabbit Kingdom Oath CeremonyPage 19

Hare took The Carrot Oath, swearing to his rule,
declaring Noble Rabbit Truths engraved upon the jewel.
"I swear to every bun, as long as I shall live.
I always will pursue the truth and unto others give:
Liberty and life, to those who just deserve,
and keep within our kingdom fresh veggies on reserve.”


Rabbit Kingdom Knight CeremonyPage 21

Prince Hare was then anointed and presented with his sword,
along with spurs of knighthood and bracelets of a lord.
Sir Hare gazed intently on his coronation ring;
a symbol of his ruling of his kingdom, as the king!


Rabbits ClappingPage 23

With the symbols of authority and rituals complete,
the rabbits clapped their hands while thumping to the beat.
Excited by their Hareness, an orphan soon a king,
their voices gently harmonized as they began to sing:
"Hail to King Hare," as the prince hopped to his throne —
to become a living legend . . . far and widely known!