Motivational Learning for Educators, Homeschoolers, Teachers, and Counselors

The Rabbit King and related materials, including spiral-bound copies of the book, can be used in classroom settings and other learning environments as an educational, inspirational, and motivational learning tool.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies, Self-Improvement Book, and Self-Help Book

A curriculum based on the story, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies, and Common Core Standards (CCS) is available. The curriculum is designed for 2nd and 3rd-grade students, but can also be used for other grades. An English/Spanish glossary and book review guide is also available.

By completing the three lessons, based on the three chapters of the book, learners will have many opportunities to identify, learn more about, and apply important Social and Emotional Learning competencies including impulse control, stress management, self-discipline, goal setting, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Throughout the lessons, learners will also have opportunities to develop and practice age-appropriate listening, speaking, and related language arts skills as they read together, discuss the book’s content, and make meaningful connections to their own lives.

The inspirational and positive-themed story of The Rabbit King can be considered a self-improvement book and self-help book. It can be used to discuss and teach various topics including motivation, self-management, positive character traits, healthy relationships, positive values, and other topics. The book's content, and related educational materials, can also be used for managing anxiety, managing depression, overcoming addiction, and improving mental health. The Rabbit King is available as an English children's book and Spanish children's book, El Rey Conejo, making it well suited for English immersion education and Spanish immersion education. The Rabbit King is also available in Brazilian Portuguese, O Rei Coelho: Reinado Leporídeos, with other editions in development.

Illustrated Learning for Kids and Adults

The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae is available as an English Kid's book and Spanish kid's book with full-color illustrations by e-book, softcover, hardcover, and spiral-bound editions. If you are interested in inspirational teaching materials based on the three chapters of The Rabbit King or would like to discuss how the book could be used in your class, home, school, or other learning environment contact the author at

Instruction Aids:

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The Rabbit King Motivational Learning

Hare held his scepter high, and firmly in one hand, 
showing that he soon would be: The ruler of his land!