Jim McEnroe


The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae

The story of the orphan hare . . .

who became king!

The orphan hare . . .

alone and on his own.

The king and queen

adopting the orphan hare.

Prince Hare proposing to Kristina

in front of the Carrot Carriage.

Kristina on her wedding day . . .

soon to be Princess Kristina!

Prince Hare taking The Carrot Oath, 

and declaring Noble Rabbit Truths!

Prince Hare's elevation to knighthood . . .  

during his coronation.

Prince Hare holding his scepter high,

and tightly in one hand . . . .

Rabbits clapping their hands, and thumping, 

to the beat singing "Hail to King Hare".

The crown being placed 

on King Hare!