The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae
Jim McEnroe
Educators and Teachers

The Rabbit King is a thought-provoking and educational story of overcoming adversity through hope, inspiration, making healthy choices, and living with a purpose. The book—and related materials—can be used in classroom settings and other learning environments. A comprehensive Book Review/Teacher's Guide is available and can be reviewed by clicking REVIEW – TEACHER’S GUIDE on the left home page. A shorter version of the book, Bunny Kingdom, is available for younger children.  

The Rabbit King can be used to discuss various topics such as the importance of values, setting and achieving goals, self-discovery, and understanding the stages-of-change. It can also be used to improve reading comprehension and help with developing creative writing skills—i.e., character and story development. Having the book available in English and Spanish, El Rey Conejo, makes it well-suited for Spanish immersion students.  

If you are interested in learning more about The Rabbit King or would like to discuss how it could be used in your school or other learning environment, please contact me at: or by calling: 651-357-8953.  

Thank you for your interest in The Rabbit King: The story of The Orphan Hare . . . who became king!  

Keep the hope and dreams alive!  

Jim McEnroe
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